Introduction of the Product
The thermo therapy belt used for joint massage also called auto-healthy massage belt for four limbs is a model WZR-AZ-818 massage belt which is a patent product possessing fuctions of massager and far infared thermotherapy.
I. Function of Massager
This massasager is composed of three specially designed micro-type power-operated massagers. By means of computer technology this massager can produce impact waves whith special frequencies and pulse widths and strength for massage in a way simulating pressing, rubbing, kneading,hammering etc.
The main massager is a new concave and convex type massager. The convex part can simulate the action of the curving palm, the two ends can simulate the back side of
four fingers and the massagers at the left and right can simulate the end part of the palm.
This three in one massager can cover around the joints to operate the massager in a three dimentions way so as to achiave the best results.Through research it was found that massage can improve blood circulation and increase the blood volume in the blood capillaries at the massaged sites which is more than that before massage, at most it is able to increase by 50 times. Pressing flat and recovering from that rythmically can recover blood vessel plasticity and improve secretion of synovial juice secreted by joint synovical menbranes so as to supply nutrients required by joint capillaries and tissues, slow down development of spondylosis e.x., hyperoesteogeny, maintain extension ability and placiticity and improve muscle  exibility so as to make joints stable, slow down denaturation and prevent
osteoporosis to achieve the aim of recovery and protecting joints.
II. Far Infrared Heat Generation Function
The far inrared electric termocloth is made of the basic heating elements manufactured from far infared wires (non-matels) and cotton fibers. Through using safe low volt electricity it can emit far infrared at wave-lengths from 5-15μm which is benefitial to health and possesses heating effect and has characterisstic of strong penitration.
The frequency of far infrared is near the frequency of the molecules in cells in human body which can have atomic and molecular resonant with cells in human body so as to generate heat and cause temperature increasing at the deep hypodemic layers. Another characteristic of far infrared is its high penitration ability which can penitrate to the articular cavity with complex structure to extent microvessels
in tissue of joints so that blood circulion is sped up and the exudations and inflamative edama are eliminated. Elimination of discharges and harmful substances aroud blood cessels can vitalize cells and tissues and repair the damaged tissuies. Far infrared heating is homogenious and fast, without loss of water so that there is no drying feeling.
Application in long terms can invigorate blood circulation, improve metabolism, make skin fine and retard aging.
Example 1: I have no pain in my knees of joints again and now I am full of conficence.
A letter came from a retired worker Mr. Wang: In recent years I often have had pain in my two knee joints,pain in the left joint was hard and was more serious in recent two years. I felt weak in the legs. I lived on the fifth floor and when I went up and down the stairs pain was more serious, especially when walked up stairs. Sometimes I had to grapped the rail to get help. When I reached to the second floor I had to stop walking for a while for pain. Then I used the Brand Ailin Model 818 Joint Massage Thermotherapy Belt for treament of pain in two knee joins. I selected weak intencity used in “cycling “function and did massage for 20 min.twice a day. After dojing massage for 3 days pain in two knee joints elleviated obveously and pain disappeared basically and it was unnecessory to grasp rail for helping walking upstairs, besides I was able to carry things with my hands and my feet were stronger. I was pleased to realize that this massage belt is really effective. In the past time I used several therapeutic methods for treatment but the results were not good. Now I am insisting on doing massage at knee joints twice a day and do not feel pain and do not have a relapse. Now I always go to dane and have no pain again. I am full of confidence in my life.
Example 2: I’m not worried about the tennis elbow again
A letter from Madam Chen aged 48 working in a unit. She wrote I had suffered from tennis elbow for three years. It relapses easily in Spring and Autumn. When it relapsed I had pain in the left elbow and it aggravated gradually and sometimes it lasted about one months. It was painful and it not only had impact on my work including house work such as mopping floor,doing washing and twisting washed clothes but also make me lose my temper easily.
Afterwards my friend taught me a indigenous method:Boil the diluted viniger and foment the pain joints with a towel dipped with the boiled viniger but pain can not be alleviated completely. This March pain in joints relapsed and I did massage at the joints with Brand Ailin Model 818 Joint Massage Thermotherapy Belt .I did massage at elbow joints with medium and low frequency for 20 min., twice a day.Next day pain in elbow alleviated obviously and I felt relaxing.
Three days later pain was elleviated basically. I was very pleased.
I realized that massage time should not be longer than 20 min. for each time. The massage intensity should not be too strong.Using low and medium intensity can have better results. Often using it can prevent relepse. I don’t worried about tennis elbow any more.
Joint Massage And Thermotherapy
(1) It is best for ellelvating pain in knee and elbow joints e.x., in case of hyperosteogeny,formative knee arthritis, pelella arthritis etc.The knee joints bear the most part of body weight.According to statistics among the population over 40 years old, the incidence rate of knee arthritis is 13.6% and among the population over 60 is over 29 %.The patients feel pain when they go upstairs or downstairs,climb a slope, sit and stand up .They suffer from difficulty in taking their steps,joint adhesion and stiffness and elbow athritis ,tennis elbows etc. Through treatment of “three dimentions treatment massage” and far infrared thermotherapy with this product pain can be alleviated and normal activity of joints recovered obveously. The treatment can produce effect by carrying out massage 2 times a day for 3 to 5 days. Constant massage can prevent relapse of these diseases.
(2) Lumbar spondylosis: It can relieve pain, slow down development of spondyilosis and prevent osteoporosis.
(3) Pain in wrists, ankles, fingers and toe joints (According to medical specialists  nger diseases are common occurrence, in most of which no obvious pain is observed but patients feel numb in fingers and fingers move with diffculty. Constant carrying out massage can prevent diseases of fingers joints.)
Massage and Thermotherapy of Muscle
(1) Lumbar muscle strain:Lumb muscle tieredness and pain caused by standing, sitting and squatting in static or other wrong positions in long terms.
(2) Soreness in thighs, lower legs and forearm muscle.
(3) Prevention of Mouse Arms (Note: Mouse Arns are also known as: Repetetive Limb Strain which is a kind of tendon and nerve system strain caused by using a mouse in a wrong way. The symptoms are stitching pain, soreness and myasthenia in hands, arms etc..
(4) Hand and foot sprain, caused by sport. It is applicable for treatment in convalescence after acute and medium atage.
Application of Thermotherapy (It can be used in various aspects At present only parts of them are presented.)
(1) Cervical spondylosis (cervical headeche).It can improve blood circulation, eliminate cervical muscle spasm and elleviate soreness.
(2) It can invigorate the vital function of the stomach and dispelling cold.
(3) It has function of restoring normal menstruation in cases of pathological anemia, dispelling cold and killing pain in patients suffering from menalgia.
Massage and Thermotherapy at the Hand and Foot Refection Areas
(1) Massage and thermotherapy on the sole: Human body has reflection areas on feet. Massage can be conducted at home for keeping fit economically with convenience.
(2) Massage at the palm: There are many re ection areas at the palm. Always conducting massage at the palm can improve blood circulation in organs to keep fit.
Acupoint Massage
This kind of massage can be used for keeping fit. Acupoints Zusanli, Neguan etc. can be chosen for massage.According to traditional Chinese medicine if massage is always carried out at these acupoints purpose of treatment and keeping fit can be achieved.
Six types of manual massages including continuous hammering, pressing, knocking, rubbing, kneading and vibration and auto-cycling operation.
Ways are simulated with microcomputer technology.High frequency, medium frequency and low frequency can be adjusted. It is a new type practical massage. You can enjoiy it fully.
Vibration waves can be produced from 3 corners forming obveous effective “three dimentions massage” so as to relax muscle, eliminate muscle strain and spasm and make adhesive and stiff joints relax.
Far infrared in the range of wavelengths from 5 μm to 15 μm is produced with advanced far infrared technology and heat produced by which can penetrate articular cavity and deep layey muscle tissues.
It can improve blood circulation, speed up limph fluid circulation and microcirculation effectively so as to improve metabolism, nutrient supply and tissue repair.
Massage can increase hypothalmic enkephalain releasing, relieve pain, speed up elimination of algogenic substances such as 5-hydroxytryptamine, hystamine and catecholamine so as to play a role of analggesia well.
Heat produced by far infrared electric thermocloth spreads evenly. The thermotherapy temperature is kept in the range from 122°F ± 41°F(50°C ± 5%). without losing water so that there is no feeling of drying or sweltering.
This product is designed in a round shape used for massage at joints of four limbs. It is also can be used for even part on the body.
12V electric current is used which is safe for users. It is an electricity saving type device.
This product is applicable for the old and young.


1. This massage belt is composed of 3 power-operated massagers.
2. The safe DC 12V electricity adaptor is used for far infrared electric thermocloth which can emit far infrared with wavelengths from 5 μm to 15 μm.
3. External 12V DC electricitdy adaptor is used. The output electricity current is not less than 1 A (The preset volt is AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz)
4. The rated input electricity is not more than 2A.
5. The rated input power is not more than 24W.
6. Continuous operation time is not more 60 min..
7. When the internal emperature of the massager controlling switch is up to the temperature equal or larger than 131°F (55°C) the massager stops to operate automatically.
8. Safety category: III.
9. Volume: 700 mm x 160 mm x 60 mm
10. Weight : 0.47 kg.
11. Design standard: Q/320500 LDW 011-2012
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